Gaping Gill Main Chamber - photograph by David RyallAround Clapham

The picturesque village of Clapham is a superb base from which to explore the natural wonders that abound in this beautiful part of the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Through the heart of the village runs Clapham Beck, which runs all the way down the mountain of Ingleborough, past the Cave and through the Nature Trail, passing beneath four bridges and many fine waterfalls on its journey.

There are walks to suit all abilities in close proximity, and whether you opt to take a leisurely stroll around the ancient village, or climb the Three Peaks via one of at least three recognised routes, a warm and friendly reception is ensured.

The village web site, which can be found on our Links page, provides a comprehensive list of the amenities available in the village, including accommodation, inns, an outdoor shop, post office, and caf├ęs.