Why Choose Ingleborough Cave?

We are able to offer a range of special visits for educational groups, to suit your individual requirements. Bespoke tours for all key stages, sixth form and university students feature regularly and the cave can be used for a range of investigations and data collection exercises. Geography and Science tours are a speciality. The cave's location, near Gaping Gill pothole, offers classic limestone scenery which also features evidence of glaciation in the form of the Norber erratics and limestone pavements nearby. Budding scientists can, for example, perform simple experiments with light and sound in the cave, learn about the chemistry of stalactite growth, or discuss how management of the cave lighting is used to limit the rate of photosynthesis in plants growing near lamps, but there are many other possibilities!

We welcome advance contact from school staff to discuss requirements; and a qualified teacher is available to help with planning. A disc of resources is available free of charge to support your visit; this contains general information about the cave, video clips, photographs, risk assessments and many other items of use in the classroom.

Ingleborough Cave, together with the many features of interest in the surrounding area, offer you a valuable resource to enrich your curriculum. Call us, email – or drop in at the cave shop – to discuss what we can do for your group.

The cave also provides an ideal case study for Geographers interested in the effects of tourism on a National Park. The approach through a celebrated Victorian nature trail offers historical perspective and for younger groups simply wanting "fun" tour, our guides will be sure to entertain (hint – beware, the witches fingers!)

Prices and Booking Information

A reduced price is offered for pre booked school groups as follows: £3.50 per pupil for Primary School groups, £4.00 per pupil for Secondary School groups and £4.50 per pupil for Sixth Form or College groups and £5.00 for Universities. It is advised that you try to book your group trip as far in advance as is possible in order to avoid disappointment and to allow time for us to help cater towards your groups specific needs.

The Mushroom Beds - photograph by David RyallEducational Materials

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